Landmark on “A Long Pour {Fifty-Two Weeks with California Wine}

A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to meet Wayne Kelterer and give him a tour of Landmark.  Wayne began a journey in January with one goal in mind.  His goal is to visit 52 different California wineries before the end of the year.  Each visit is documented on his blog, “A Long Pour {Fifty-Two Weeks with California Wine.”    Wayne is great guy and a big supporter of small family run wineries.  His blog was recently nominated for “Best New Wine Blog.”  Good luck Wayne, hope you win.

Landmark Vineyards – The Third Flag That Flies

1776: The Founding Fathers sign the declaration of independence. 1805: Lewis and Clark “discover” the Pacific Ocean. 1838: John Deere invents the steel plow. 1865: The Civil War ends. 1914: Henry Ford revolutionizes automobile production. 1929: The stock market collapses. May 22nd, 2010: Mike Colhoun, Owner of Landmark Vineyards meets me, Wayne Kelterer.

While each of the above events had massive implications for American culture, none were as earth shattering as Mike Colhoun having the opportunity to meet me. I am the Barbara Walters of wine interviewers. The Ernest Hemingway of wine writing. When people say, “it is a pleasure to meet you,” I usually say, “yes! you are right. It IS a pleasure to meet me.”  But seriously folks, Mike Colhoun is an awesome guy and the winery he owns in Sonoma County is well respected and much praised….Read More

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3 responses to “Landmark on “A Long Pour {Fifty-Two Weeks with California Wine}

  1. Hey thanks guys! I had a great time at Landmark. I hope your readers don’t think I am as jerky as I pretend to be!

  2. Pop

    When is the next release of Landmark
    Overlook Chardonnay for sale in Canada.
    Thank you

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